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La Sirena Psicodelica by heyjupiter La Sirena Psicodelica by heyjupiter
This is Assignment #3 for my Portfolio class. (Abstract/Real art) - There's some details and such I need to finish, but I decided to scan & submit now because my teacher needs my portfolio for grading.

Used a whole bunch of prismacolor colouring pencils. Size: 14x17.

Sirena Psicodélica is spanish for Psychedelic Mermaid
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toxicnarcotic Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2002
I really like the colors you have used on it. nice drawing too. :) (Smile)
new-corpse Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2002
Now! Finally I'll be able to comment! First of all, the background... I love it, very very much... the hair looks great and the shading is very good. The eyes look very cat-like, gives her a semi-human look, which I assume was your goal since she's a mermaid. Overall a ver nice and cool work. Good job!!!

PS. Please don't kill me for dissapearing, check my journal to see what happened... I'll talk to you on msn soon, promise!!
antigrrl Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2002
WHAT? i didn't comment? *slaps herself* beautiful colours, debz - your work's awesome.
mikako Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2002
wow beautiful vibrant colors on this! her eyes have something disquieting i like a lot Heart
nellucnhoj Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2002  Professional Traditional Artist
Excellent pic Jupe, very 'arty' :) (Smile) One thing I must say is that your art skills have improved considerably -- the hair looks great (almost makes her look like a medusa or something) and the colouring and shading on the skin is great and the you've gotten the colouring on the lips pretty much perfect, definitely one of your best colouring jobs thus far. I also love what you've done with the eyes and the background...they give me the sense that this lady appears beautiful and 'safe' on the outside, but within, she is hiding a dark, inner self, ready to burst forth at any time.

Alright, now on to my usual state of 'critting' :) (Smile)

First of all, the eyes: they really would have looked great if you added some highlights and shading to them, as they are right now they kind of conflict with the colouring job on the rest of the body (this goes for the general face area and nose as well). Whilst on the rest of the body and the hair, you have done a beautiful job of shading and colouring the body; the face, nose and eyes look a tad flat in comparison to the rest of the work...certainly no biggy as this is still a great pic, but it would have looked that bit extra special if you had shaded/highlighted the face and eyes.

The hair, as I've already mentioned, looks great, but it would have looked even better if you had added subtle little details like some highlights and little strands of hair coming off of the main body of hair...but this isn't essential, the hair looks pretty damned good as it is right now.

The arm coming over her shoulder looks kind of disjointed too, almost like it's somebody else's arm slipping over her shoulder and not her own, try to be careful about that.

Just one more thing, back to the face once more: maybe this is just more a personal thing than anything else, but I feel you should have rounded off her chin a small bit more...her face as it is right now is in stark contrast to the soft and rounded look of the rest of her body. Try also to study the layout of the features on the face a bit more, the mouth is slightly off too far to the left and you have set the hairline a tiny bit too high, try to lower it down a bit from now on, as it looks kind of like she's wearing a wig.

Oh my...I've rambled again...sorry Jupe :) (Smile) Aaaanyhoo, just try and sort out those few little niggles and you'll get on great. This really is a great pic and you are definitely showing that you've got great drawing skills, keep at it and you'll be fine :) (Smile)

PS: Please post more stuff like this, please :) (Smile)
fandango132 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2002   Photographer
Great job I love the eyes and the colr is well placed love it!

"Only after you have lost everything are you free to do anything"
levite Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2002   Artist
Dame photoshop y te hago algo decente... dame lapiz y papel y me cuelgo je, je... Eres muy talentosa mi panita... felicidades... te deseo una A+ ;) (Wink)
xaphan Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2002   Interface Designer
te voy a ser super mega sincero.

me encanta la forma en q manejastes el medio, las lines que se formaron por la direccion en la cual movistes tu mano se ven super bien y le dan un efecto super interesante. me encanta eso.

los colores del background contrastan muchisimo con la figura de la sirena, eso crea otro efecto super nice.

ahora, no se si es tu intension el que los ojos se vean surreales, pero creo que si le das mas detalles a estos se veria muy bien, pero, si los dejas asi, llaman la atencion grandemente, lo cual es bueno para la pieza.

--- the end ---

hehe, ya
blackcat Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2002
great shadings and colors ! u have talent! :) (Smile)
u are a perfect wife;) (Wink)
imani Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2002
very interesting ...again i love the eyes.:) (Smile)

~*~Imani~*~:) (Smile) Hug
starforge Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2002
I like your style of drawing especially how you've coloured the hair and the background... cool stuff ;) (Wink)
Green hair... if only ppl who dyed their hair green looked like this =D (Big Grin)
codeboy Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2002  Hobbyist Photographer
sorry but i just gotta give bad comment...
the head seems to be stretched out to the right upper corner...
the rest is beautiful i luv the colors.. i wish i could do colors like that too..
well hope to see more stuff from u
senorrandom Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2002
nice work again debz... i mean, wow... i love this.... really well done....
juan-leche Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2002
Grood drawing with great shading
shaunathanblaze Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2002
i love the hair the colors are beatiful =) (Smile)
i have never been good at coloring
yes it seems easy but it's not
i give you much credit =) (Smile)
pixiegal Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2002  Professional General Artist
very nice of your concept and the technique you draw.
keep it up!!!!
inferion Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2002
wow, thats really fantastik. i like the abstratness of the blue/purple background with the green hair. thats really beautiful, & her reptile type eyes are sweet.

great job as always debz :) (Smile)
wildmonky Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2002  Student Writer
I love the background and the hair. :) (Smile) Wonderful colors.
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September 27, 2002
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